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Arrezzio Pizza Crusts, Doughs & Toppings

Pizza Crusts, Doughs & Toppings!

Great pizza begins and ends with taste. Over the years, Arrezzio has helped pizza operators across North America deliver delicious flavour and consistent quality. Our line of toppings, crusts and doughs provide menu versatility, genuine convenience and significant savings of time and money to enhance your bottom line.

ARREZZIO Crusts & Doughs: A Great Beginning for a Variety of Menu Items!
Don't live on the edge, struggling with scratch crusts. These pre-made crusts & doughs eliminate the need for expensive dough equipment, highly trained staff and all those ingredients needed to start from scratch. Easy, consistent, and flavourful, Arrezzio crusts and doughs are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs. Thick, thin, small to extra large, these are crusts you can count on - for reliable quality, easy preparation and a taste that will bring your customer back again and again.

Par-Baked Crusts
No thawing necessary, just top and bake. Our par-baked crusts come to your 75% ready to bake up fast and easy for quick turnaround during rush periods. A wonderfully subtle flavour, they are the ideal compliment to your customer's favourite toppings. Available in various par-baked options and sizes all with a six-month shelf life.

Sheeted Doughs
No more rolling - simply thaw, proof and viola! Sheeted doughs are consistently sized for easy control of portions, and ultimately, of costs. Great dough for calzones, stromboli, breadsticks, or for creating a signature edge on crusts.

Dough Balls
For an appealing hand-made look after baking, use Arrezzio dough balls. Their matchless flavour, texture and aroma provides an excellent alternative to scratch dough. They are available in multiple sizes for uses in thin, medium, thick, double-stuffed, square, round and braided crusts.

ARREZZIO Toppings: Flavour, Quality, Consistency, Versatility, Convenience and Cost Savings!
Arrezzio Precooked meats are made with the best meats and finest spices in rigid specifications and strict standards of excellence. But don't stop with pizza! Our Arrezzio pre-cooked meats are also usable in sauces and gravies, soups, casseroles, and entrees.

Sliced Pepperoni
The favourite topping on Canada's favourite food, pepperoni will ride atop half of all pizzas ordered today. Use Arrezzio pepperoni to give your customers the ultimate pizza experience. Deliciously spiced pork and beef in a perfect balance, developed specifically for pizza. Our process is computer controlled for consistent quality, taste, texture, and appearance. Top a pizza, add to pasta, or compliment a salad with Canada's finest pepperoni.

Choose our traditional seasoned blend of 100% fresh beef and spices. Our delicious beef toppings are a favorite for pizzas, sauces, gravies, entrees or soups.

A savoury blend of pork, natural herbs and spices moderately extended with a textured vegetable protein for a consistent flavour and economy. Arrezzio pork toppings are excellent for pizza or breakfast applications.

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Sysco Classic & Imperial Rice
Sysco Classic Extra Long Grain Rice is our top grade milled white rice with
4% broken kernels and Sysco Imperial Parboiled Rice is special parboiled
rice of the highest quality.
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