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Canned Tomato Products

Sysco Canned Tomato Products
Simply the best in the industry!

Processed and canned immediately after harvest to preserve freshness, our tomato products come to you bursting with juicy, fresh-from-the-garden flavor.  Delivering unsurpassed convenience to each and every recipe - since they're made of only the reddest, ripest tomatoes and the freshest, most savory spices - you'll know you are getting the very best.

Arrezzio All Purpose Marinara Sauce - 6/2.84 L
Fully prepared marinara sauce saves time and labour, chunks of sweet tomatoes with seasoning - ready to use, just heat and serve. Top all pasta dishes, meats, lasagna entrees. Compares to Full Red, Contadina, Bell Orto, Ragu. Portion size approx. 85.05 grams per serving depending on customer preference.

Arrezzio Whole Roma Tomatoes in Juice - 6/2.84 L
California vine-ripened, packed fresh in season pear tomatoes.  Packed without calcium chloride (the firming salt used in the canning process to retain a firm character), resulting in a soft San Marzano style pear tomato that readily breaks down during cooking for quick, fresh, flash cooked Italian sauces that deliver  a rich intense flavour.

Arrezzio Whole Round Tomatoes in Juice - 6/2.84 L
Choice grade, full rich premium flavour California pear shaped tomatoes.  Great to chop, grind, puree or any which way to create your own sauce.

Arrezzio All Purpose Spaghetti Sauce - 6/2.84 L
Fully prepared spaghetti sauce with chunks of tomato and just the right spices. Great for all pasta dishes, ready-to-use, heat and serve. Portion size is approx. 85.05 grams depending on customer preference. Compares to Contadina, Frutta de Orto and Full Red.

Arrezzio Premium Italian Pasta Sauce - 6/2.84 L
A fully prepared premium pasta sauce prepared by concentrating mature, red varieties of pear or round tomatoes to a thick consistency and adding fresh diced tomatoes and just the right spices.  Great for use with all pasta dishes.  Ready to eat, just heat and serve.  

Classic Crushed and Concentrated Tomatoes - 6/2.84 L
This crushed and concentrated tomato is also known as a plain pizza sauce. This is made from fresh tomatoes. Bright red colour and full bodied. Great for starters for pizza sauce, or as a thickener for soups, stews, pasta sauces. Competes with Full Red, Bella Rosa.

Casa Solana Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes - 6/2.84 L
Flame-peeled, fire roasted tomatoes are prepared to a hearty diced cut and packed in their natural juices. Since the prep work is done, simply add to soups, stews, sauces and salsas for a zesty, smokey flavour. Drain weight is (71 oz.) or 2,012.85 grams with #8 screen.

Imperial 1/4' Diced Tomato for Salsa - 6/2.84 L
This product is 1/4' diced tomatoes great for salsa with the labour already done for you. Just add onion, cilantro and any other spices to create your own signature salsa. These small diced tomatoes are also great for topping fish or chicken as well as added to stews and soups.

Imperial Kitchen Style/Fillet Strips Tomatoes 75+ - 6/2.84 L
75+ ounces (2,126.25 grams) of usable tomato product after the juice is drained. This is a great item for marinara sauces from scratch, chunky style pizza sauces or any other chunky based sauces that you would like to create with your own spices.

Imperial Whole Peeled Pear Tomato in Juice - 6/2.84 L
Hearty flavour with firm texture, all around good pear tomato for sauces. This is truly from scratch type of item, freshly packed pear tomatoes that you may chop, grind, or puree to create your own sauces.

Imperial Tomato Sauce - 6/2.84 L
A consistent, hearty flavour throughout this product that gives versatility in the back of the house for sauces, soups, stews, etc.

Imperial Tomato Paste 26% - 6/2.84 L
Fancy grade, 26% solids, thick and rich, packed from fresh whole ripe California tomatoes to produce a perfect puree.

Imperial Diced Tomato in Juice - 6/2.84 L
1x1x3/4' diced tomatoes great for chili, soups, chunky sauces of all types. Fresh pack tomatoes from California. Drain weight is 65 to 68 oz. (1,927.80 grams) of usable tomato product.

Imperial Tomato Puree - 6/2.84 L
Strong tomato flavour and good colour.  Great for soups, sauces, meatloaf or to add tomato flavour to any item.

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