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Supreme FRY-ON & FRY-ON ZTF Shortening

A Premium Quality Frying Oil
Exclusively Formulated for Sysco!


Fry-On is a uniquely processed, nutritional, 100% vegetable corn and canola oil blend.  Why this blend?  Corn oil, nutritious by its own nature, has the highest percent of Vitamin E over any other vegetable oil.  Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant.  It fights oxidation, it's a stabilizer, a strengthener and greatly contributes to our EXTRA long fry life.  It also assists in No Flavour Transfers and is cholesterol free.

Blending canola oil and corn oil, we developed a tough, stable, nutritious, long distance frying oil that gives SUPERIOR performance, even under the most abusive frying conditions and has only 10% saturated fats and NO Cholesterol.

Fry-On has a light pure taste that brings out the good taste in fried foods, enhancing the foods own flavours and providing a light golden appearance.  High resistant to flavour transfers, fish, chicken, french fries and onion rings can all be fried in the same oil.

Fry-On has a 'low melt point' providing a clean food appearance and a 'melt in mouth' feel.

Fry-On can be filtered COLD and is Kosher certified.


Fry-On ZTF is a unique Zero Trans fat Canola-Corn blend oil.  This product is very simliar to Fry-On expect with the unique advantage of having Zero Trans Fats per serving and is also low in saturated fats.

Fry-On ZTF has all the added benefits of Fry-On, such as being able to be filtered cold or hot, and has no flavour transfer amoung products deep fried in the same oil.

For product availability, please contact your
Sysco Marketing Associate in your area.

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