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Imperial Butter-It

Sysco Imperial Butter-It
Used In Any Food Preparation Requiring Melted Butter!

Sysco Brand Imperial Butter-It brings true buttery flavour to frying, grilling, sauteing, or topping breads, vegetables and more.

Butter-It is a gold-coloured, buttery-flavoured liquid that's specially formulated for dressing, seasoning oil or topping. Produced with premium hydrogentated vegetable oil and other quality ingredients, Butter-It has an exceptionally 'buttery fresh' taste, flavour, aroma, and colour. It has no cholesterol and it's low in saturated fats.

And, when tested against other leading buttery-flavoured dressings, Butter-It was chosen as having the best 'real butter flavour'.

Butter-It can also be used wherever you use real melted butter. Plus, Butter-It offers the added value of being non-stick and non-scorching.

When it comes to getting great tasting buttery flavour for all menu applications, choose the brand that 'out performs' the rest. Sysco Imperial Butter-It.

For product availability, please contact your
Sysco Marketing Associate in your area.

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